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Why is fundraising necessary?

Most dogs will be rescued via a Podenco rescue group not on Gran Canaria, and who will have many demands on their limited resources. If a dog from Gran Canaria wants to be in the queue to be considered for a place with them, some financial assistance is often needed, especially with the air fare costs. Podencos are stranded on the island and without the funds to fly them away, left in Gran Canaria they can only perish in the council facilities. Adoptions of Podencos are extremely rare on the island, where there is a vast over population of dogs, and where working dogs are not considered to live as pets in a family home. The majority of Podencos in the pound will be euthanized, despite being young, healthy animals with their whole lives ahead of them. 

In temperament, Podencos are kind, intelligent, affectionate and good at playing the fool. They love to run and will amuse themselves for hours bustling about in the undergrowth in the hope of discovering an unlucky mouse or vole. At home they are quiet and restful, in common with many of the hounds. 

There are several ways to donate if you would like to help these poor souls to freedom and safety, A simpe donation of a few pennies via Paypal will be most appreciated. The cost of rescuing one dog and getting him or her to the UK is 575 euros. The cost to mainland Spain is 375 euros. 

The Paypal address is:

If you are in the UK, there is an easyfundraising group set up to raise funds when you shop online with subscribed companies who will donate on your behalf just to thank you for shopping with them.

Please also 'like' our group on facebook and share the dogs for all you are worth, so they attract some attention from potential rescue groups, foster homes and adoptive podparents.

If you have a local hound rescue please ask them if they might consider giving a rescue space to one of these dogs from Gran Canaria

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Join our monthly members club - a raffle where you donate £5 per month and at the end of the month we randomly select a number and the lucky winner gets one fifth of the total donations as a wonderful bonus - the rest all goes to saving the lives of the dogs....

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